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Monday, February 22, 2010


A home made shrine appeared near the spot where yesterday's murder occurred.

Last night, the police cordoned off the street again, not letting people in or out of their houses. Something going on at the far end of the street - we saw the police use a battering ram to open the front door of a house down there. News people and other gawkers congregated outside our front door; the closest they could get to the action. The officer out front could not discuss what was happening.

This morning we found out that the police had executed a search warrant there, and that someone inside the house fired a gun. The bullet ricocheted off one officer and struck another. Both men are unharmed, saved by kevlar vests. The street is opened again; only that house is cordoned off now, and the police are still there. The police are not saying if the two events are related, but it seems too coincidental not to be.

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  1. It's of great concern that people are becoming barbarian day by day. There is no value of a human life with them.


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