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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly theme day - My favourite part of town

It's the first of the monthy, and many people in the City Daily Photo community are posting photos that reflect a common theme.  This month's theme is My favourite part of town
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That's sort of hard for me to do because I would like to portray Schenectady in her best light, and many people will no doubt think a cemetery isn't that nice.

Well it turns out to be my favourite place.  Vale Cemetery has been seen many times on this blog.  It's one of those Victorian style, sit and meditate sort of places, with wandering paths, trees, a quiet stream and two ponds.  There is an indefinite border between Vale Cemetery and Vale Park; one can wander freely between the two and hardly know where one ends and the other begins.

There is wildlife that little ones can capture, carry and examine and put back.  Frogs, crayfish, fish large and small, turtles are all here.  Crickets, grasshoppers honeybees all scurry about.  There are gooseberries, raspberries, wild strawberries and black caps to eat in season.  Herons, hawks, finches, jays, cardinals and the ever present house sparrow all live here in harmony with the ducks and geese that pass through.

It's actually in a vale, so despite being nestled in between the two busiest streets in the city, it's amazingly quiet, with just the trickling water and your own thoughts to disturb the sound of birds and insects.  I love it here and so does my little one.  He will make any excuse to walk over - did I mention that it's an easy walk from the house?  Here he is, actively engaged with his surroundings.  He's heard a cricket and is wondering whether to catch this one or to march further, to the creek. 

It was taken with my Blackberry 8330.  I don't remember, but I bet he has me carrying something that would thunk the camera, so I left it at home.


  1. It is original to choose a cemetery as part of town favorite!
    But I like cemeteries so I understand completely.
    I could totally make that choice if ... I had thought!

  2. That cemetery is not the usual one. It sounds different as there are many things that you can do in that place. I would love see a cemetery like that where I can enjoy the nature and perhaps sit for a moment and reflect.

    By the way, thank you for visiting Al Ain City Daily Photo. Have a nice weekend!


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