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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring fog

Spring brings warm air that meets up with the cold ground and produces fog.  This is St John's Cemetery, looking east into the morning sun.

I don't know why, but I like photos like this.

F Number11.0
Lens IDLUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm F3.5-5.6
Focal Length45.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 90.0 mm)
Exposure Time1/250
Exposure ProgramManual
Exposure Compensation0
FlashOff, Did not fire


  1. The fog adds a mysterious element to photos. Then you add in the cemetery factor and you get a great photo. I like it too. :)

  2. Really good - you were right, more B&W for you today. I love fog photos, it seems to smooth everything over and in this case, re-enforce the peacefulness.

  3. I can understand why you like the picture, its really good. Pictures are not always about in your face, often over saturated or photoshoped to death, images.

    This is splendid - Stewart M

  4. Well done. The dark tombstones in the foreground add important depth of the photo. Cemeteries are such interesting places.


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