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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rock beats ice

I saw this and was reminded of the children's game 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.  That ice squeezed and squeezed the stone, but the stone won this round!

F Number11.0
Lens IDLUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm F3.5-5.6
Focal Length14.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 28.0 mm)
Exposure Time1/160
Exposure ProgramManual
Exposure Compensation0
FlashOff, Did not fire


  1. I love the comparison and really neat break lines in the ice.

  2. Awesome pictures Buck! I am a newbie on both blogging and photography and I noticed that you also include all the details of each photo you take. I was wondering how do you find the exposure compensation? I had to remember what exposure compensation I used when I took each picture that is displayed on my latest post but I thought may be there is an easier way :)

  3. I guess I'm still a kid :-)

    Judy, I use some software to extract out the EXIF data that the camera stores within the digital picture file. The tool I use is called Exiftool It is a Perl library, which works for me because I already have Perl on my machine.

    I wrote a small Windows XP batch file to call the Exiftool program and create an HTML table of the stuff I found interesting. To run it, I use the Windows Explorer 'Send to...' function. So I just use Windows Explorer to look through my photos, right click, 'Send to...' and I have an HTML table ready to paste into my blog. If I had to do it manually, I wouldn't.

    Here is my batch file:
    @REM run exiftool
    @echo off
    perl \buck\ -h -Fnumber -LensID -FocalLength35efl -ExposureTime -ExposureProgram -ISO -ExposureCompensation -Flash "%~f1"
    pause Press a key...

    The third line, starting with 'perl' and ending with '-Flash "%~f1"' is all one line. There are four total lines in my batch file.

    I hope that helps. Unfortunately, I'm a geek, so this stuff seems like my native tongue! I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, to say the least. Drop me an email at kc2hiz at gmail dot com if you want to try this on your own and want a hand.


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