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Friday, July 17, 2009

Skywatch Friday

It's another Skywatch Friday. Do pay a visit to all the other participants round the world as they post photos of their skies!

This was taken during our paddle boat ride on Central Park's Iroquois Lake. We got daringly close to the fountain in the centre, but a change in the wind saved us from being doused.

The sky was doing its recent, typical storm cloud gathering; in fact we got a storm about an hour after this was taken.


  1. Nice to see the fountain spray in the sky, very nice and cooling in the summer time.

  2. Great shot of the fountain in front of that ominous sky. You did well to avoid a soaking.

  3. Neat photo, the fountain looks inviting on a hot day!

  4. Refreshing on a hot summer day! Love those whooshes of water!

  5. I think it might have been tempting to be doused. Cool picture.

  6. Tempting to be doused, though the ride home could have been a bit uncomfortable! Lovely shot.


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