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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


That's what they call flowers like this: weeds. I'm guessing it's a native wildflower here in New York but I can't fins much information on the internet. This particular plant is growing out of a crack in the sidewalk near the road. In winter, it has 6 feet of snow and ice piled on it, but it comes back every year and I haven't the heart to pull something this beautiful out.


  1. Aw, Buck, that's not a weed...nothing that pretty can be a weed. In central Texas, at certain times of the year, the countryside is covered with bluebonnets...and I suppose some would think they are a weed, but they are very pretty.

    It's amazing this comes back every year...yes, don't pull it out!

  2. Yes, far too pretty to be a weed :)

  3. Most gorgeous weed I've ever seen. What a lovely colour.

  4. Look at Blue bells - you will find many different one and not all of them are weeds.
    Try also to take a photo so you can see both the plant and pavement and cars in the same photo.

  5. You got my favourite purple. I really should show the local flowers here.


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