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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Storm's aftermath

A storm rolled through on Thursday (no surprises there!) and so much rain fell so quickly that the rain covered the street from curb to curb. That's a little unusual, but only a little: there are no drains on our short street. The water needs to flow down to State Street (at the far end of this photo.)

The amazing thing is that we had hail and torrential rain and ten minutes later the sun was shining again.


  1. Very changeable weather! I hope the water flowed away fast.

  2. At least it makes for some splendid reflections

  3. Wellington boots on! This makes my feet feel wet, but, like Hyde DP says, the reflections are indeed splendid.

  4. That is a brilliant reflection. Just shows you a terrific photo can be found if you just look for it.


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