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Friday, July 31, 2009

Skywatch Friday

It's Skywatch Friday and photo bloggers round the world are posting photos of their skies. Click the link to see what's in store this week.

It's raining at this very moment, and although I like to try to get a photo of the sky as it is right now, I'm afraid that wouldn't be very interesting. This is from a few weeks ago and I was inspired by several of the other regular Skywatchers. They post some truly eye-catching clouds, so I thought I'd try to capture some individual clouds that were interesting enough to post.

That's hard! Double kudos to those who recognise a great photo among all the clouds in the sky, and treble kudos for anyone who manages to capture one in a photograph.


  1. Hi, Buck. Delighted to find my way over here. That's a deceptively clever photo you have for my first visit, the way the trees on the right balance the cloud on the left just right.

    Very best

  2. Since being part of skywatch I definitely appreciate cloud images more. They can be the most dramatic. Great sliver of silhouetted trees under those lilting clouds.

  3. The more you post for skywatch the better your eye gets.


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