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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This way to Schenectady

We went for a walk on the Great Flats Nature Trail and this is what it looked like on the way out. It was an irresistible photo!

The Great Flats are a controversial place. On the one hand, the aquifer that provides Schenectady with its wonderful drinking water is located here. It's also a wetland area with many plants and animals that can only live here. It's also a swamp - a filter for rainfall to recharge the aquifer.

It's also undeveloped land, which makes it commercially valuable.

At any rate, the Great Flats is currently protected, and there's a small lake back there, a boardwalk and some mowed trails. Very easy walking - saw lots of frogs and toads as well as too many birds to mention. Water was high due to the recent rains, so part of the trail was submerged. It was still a fun walk.

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Entrance to Great Flats Nature Trail. Zoom out for a broad view. Lake to the SW.

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