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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potter's Field

I put on my snow shoes and went walking in Vale Cemetery. I took the camera along but I wasn't sure what I'd see. It was a chilly day, overcast and windy so I was only out for an hour or so.

This was the very first photo I took, standing in Potter's field. This section of the cemetery is where the poor people were buried during the big flu pandemic 90 years ago: 1918-1920.

Somehow, I like this particular spot better in the winter. Mine were the only human tracks. No one to step on the graves or topple their head stones. They get to rest in peace with a blanket of snow for a quilt.


  1. I always think snow spiffs everyting up. A coat of white that covers weedy patches, or lawns that don't exist.

  2. That flu pandemic was a scary thing! It's quite sobering to see all those darkened squares against the snow.

  3. What a lovely calm resting place. It's scary to think about that flu pandemic, they reckon we could have another one any year. Would we be in any better position to cope, I wonder?


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