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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Theme Day - Paths & Passages

The City Daily Photo blog community holds a theme day on the first of the month. Everyone posts a photo that illustrates a given theme; it's very neat to see how others interpret the theme every month! This month's theme is Paths and Passages.

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My first instinct was to go hunt down a nice summery photo I did a bit of hiking and I'm sure there are plenty of photos that would suit. Then I looked out my front window and realised that every sidewalk on the street is a path!

Once I 'discovered' that fact, out came the camera and out went I. As it turns out, the wind was blowing that morning, and it looked like the Northwest Passage instead of a typical city street!

I can't wait to see everybody else's photos!


  1. Superb. Great choice and as you say, just right for the weather at the moment. A lovely shot with the sunlight trying to come through.

  2. It does not look like your average street. Fabulous.

  3. Brrr! Your photo really gives me a sense of what it's like there. Very well caught. Happy Theme Day!


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