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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I was practising taking photos of snowflakes. Most of them were much worse than this, which is motivation for me to keep trying!

However, I did get this one, almost. Most of the flakes are clumped together in a blurry mass, but there's one single flake standing out from the crowd.

I was thrilled!

One of the big problems is the contrast. Either there's too much white to see the snow as individual flakes, it's too dark to make out where to look for them or the LCD doesn't show the individuals very well. Of course, it was 12F (-11C) when I took this, so I'm certain my shaking hands didn't help. Need to get one of those Gorilla Pods or something for that.


  1. I've been able to take pictures of snowflakes by putting out a fuzzy black scarf for them to land on. They attach to the delicate strands of fuss and the black background really makes them stand out. And...low tech is always good.


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