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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snowy Kawasaki

After seeing Babooshka's post today, I was reminded of the mess I made of my motorcycle. During the last big snow fall, the weather was cold, resulting in light and fluffy accumulation. Being frozen, the flake didn't stick to each other like they do when it's warmer.

Anyway, I opened the garage to get the snow blower out, proceeded to clear the driveway and discovered the machine had blown a lot of that fluffy snow onto my motorcycle! Arrrgh.

I cleared a lot of it out, but obviously not all of it. The bizarre thing is that I rode it two weeks ago when the temperature rose above freezing and the roads were dry and free of salt. I'm not sure when I'll be riding again.


  1. That looks like a fine machine. I hope it's not suffered too much in this weather. You wouldn't believe haw many of these we have in the summer here.

  2. Wow, you'd think the snow would have melted. Years ago when I had a bike, I wasn't as brave as you. It stayed in the garage and covered up so I wouldn't be tempted to think about riding until summer.


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