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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunrise, reflected

Way underexposed but I like how it turned out. I was trying for one of Babooshka's star-burst photos but the camera wasn't having any of that nonsense. Of course if I'd put the thing in manual I'd have had better control of the situation! But my brain was addled from the cold, and I ended up with a series of ludicrously under- or overexposed images.

This one just seemed... well like a keeper. I like it like this, on it's side, with the fence slats at the bottom (that's how I held the camera - I might be talking myself into this!) It seemed reminiscent of a summer day at the beach.

A very welcome mental image right about now!


  1. It's a definite keeper. Sometimes you go for one shot and get a better one instead. That bronzed light is gorgeous.

  2. Yep - I thought it was a bamboo beach mat. Good to skew the view sometimes!


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